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Chrkeller said:

Lazy excuse for poor behavior.

And yeah..  being challenged by people who have literally zero knowledge and zero experience....  but again, I'm sure you have another lazy excuse for your poor behavior.

And let's be honest.  I was in fact right.  

On a motorway, never attempt to change a wheel yourself. Always use the emergency telephones to call for assistance."

My...God...Dude...Just stop and move on, Lol.

You NEVER said anything about it being specific to the MOTORWAY.

You Said: "If you get a flat you aren't suppose to change the tire yourself. You are suppose to call a government agency to do it for safety."

To which others (myself) provided clarification that you can change your flat tire depending on the circumstances and it's not always recommended to call assistance. It's also incorrect to say "You are suppose to call a government agency to do it for safety" because you can both A. Call the cops and still do it yourself (NOT THE COPS DO IT) which I literally provided you an example of a Brit doing in this very thread and B. If you can't do the repair yourself, it does not have to be a government agency, there are plenty of privately owned car companies in the UK which do these repairs.

You said that the UK is an example of the above when it comes to replacing a tire.

Pi-Guy questioned you on it and it was YOU who got defensive with the whole "You are 100% wrong. How many years have you lived in Europe?" condescending bullshit. You then said: "One of the questions in the test is what to do when you get a flat.  You call someone, you are 100% not suppose to change your tire.  It is a government regulation.  I remember because I clicked "change your tire" and got it wrong on my test."

Again, nowhere did you say on the motorway

Again, you were wrong that "You are 100% not suppose to change your tire" because you CAN change your tire depending on the circumstances (even on the motorway as that Reddit poster literally said he had a cop behind him as he replaced his tire). You were wrong that is was a government regulation (I seriously don't care how you try to spin this one, a regulation implies against the rules, a law, etc.).

You was then "I call BS on your friends story" to Pi-Guy and all confident in your assertion, to which I replied with clarification and you then got even more defensive, likely because of your "I'll bet you every penny I have. I'm not wrong" extreme confidence. I then asked "are you sure it didn't say the motorway" and you didn't even respond to that question but continued to get defensive. You got all "hur dur reading comprehension" on us and then started accusing OTHERS of being defensive. Being extremely cocky and arrogant in your intelligence over others.

You could just admit you was mistaken, move on but you haven't and THAT has annoyed me, just fucking drop it dude, my God. You're not doing yourself any favours, you're just looking like an extremely condescending and arrogant person, it is you who is getting defensive because you are so damn arrogant you got your back up at others providing a little more clarification to your statements!

You're coming across as someone who thinks he's better than everyone else.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 20 May 2024