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Chrkeller said:

Sure.  I wish you would give people with experience the benefit of the doubt, instead of assuming everyone is wrong but you. 

I don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Not even myself. I double and triple check myself all the time. Doesn't matter if I agree or disagree with something. I'm going to double check.

Sometimes it's hard to pull something up on google if I don't know what I'm looking for exactly, so I ask for more information. 

People make mistakes, they misunderstand things, they misremember things, otherwise they wouldn't be people. Even experts disagree and make mistakes about things. People have to read critically, and question even themselves so that they make fewer mistakes. Even disregarding people making mistakes. Information changes. Laws change. New things happen. 

Me asking you a question is not because I think I'm smarter than you. It's because it's a fundamental part of how mistakes get avoided. 

Besides that, you're definitely projecting here. You're clearly the one who believes they are smarter than everyone else.  

Chrkeller said:

Thank for proving I'm right.  

Remind me when did you get a UK license and took the test?  Right, you haven't.

I got a 49/50 on my test and 58 points on the hazard portion.  Change tire is the wrong answer.  You are suppose to call an operator.  

Chrkeller said:

I've taken it, you haven't.  DVSA, a government agency, recommends calling an operator and to not change a tire....  just like I said.

I'm not defensive.  I'm laughing.  I love it when someone has zero experience but thinks their an expert, takes the time to prove me right.  

Chrkeller said:

I got a 49/50.  The DVSA is a government agency.  Everything I said was 100% accurate.