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Based on the dudes comment in the Reddit thread.

I did it once, I had a flat, which of course, was the driver's side. It was just coming out of a bend, and so I was not visible until you were close to me.

I was changing a wheel less than 1m away from the first lane and HGVs were zooming past at 55mph.

I used the the yellow phone to call for motorway help and they sent a police car to sit 200m behind me with the lights on to warn other drivers. Fuck that, I could actually feel the lorries going past.

And the recommendation in the drivers test.

"On a motorway, never attempt to change a wheel yourself. Always use the emergency telephones to call for assistance."


I'm now further convinced that this isn't saying "YOU MUST CALL SOMEONE ELSE TO REPLACE YOUR WHEEL" but that it's more about calling the POLICE for assistance to either put hazards up or flash their lights to warn other drivers and keep you safe whilst you conduct the repairs if you have the means.

I don't actually think in this context that assistance necessarily means car mechanics, the AA or whatever, Lol.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 20 May 2024