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Honestly the suggestions seem common sense based, pulled up somewhere off the main road and you'll be fine, don't stop and whip out a mini mechanic shop in the middle of the road, Lol. I'm not sure still if it's illegal specifically on the motorway or not or if it's only a strong recommendation.


Changing a tyre on the motorway is not recommended, as it can be dangerous due to the high speed and volume of traffic. If you have no other choice, it is important to pull over as far as possible onto the hard shoulder, turn on your hazard lights, and exit the vehicle from the passenger side, away from the traffic.

Contact a breakdown service if possible.

Where can I legally change my tyre in the UK? |

And I've just went through a few forums of British drivers, some had a debate if it was illegal, they mostly agreed it wasn't, then another Reddit UK thread asking why nobody repairs their tyres themselves anymore on the motorway.

Can no one on the motorway change a wheel anymore? : r/britishproblems (

Some dude in here changed his wheel by himself on the motorway with the cops behind him to keep him safe so...likely not illegal.

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