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Chrkeller said:
Ryuu96 said:

What You Said: "You are 100% not suppose to change your tire. It is a government regulation."

You are not "100%" not suppose to change your tyre, only if it's unsafe to do so, it is literally not government regulation.

There's a quote straight from the UK's Government Website saying you CAN change a flat tyre yourself.

Correct.  They recommend calling an operator and not changing the tire yourself.  I never said doing so was illegal.  You just can't read and picked a fight without knowledge.  Clicking change tire on the government test is the wrong answer.  

Thank for proving I'm right.  

Remind me when did you get a UK license and took the test?  Right, you haven't.


I got a 49/50 on my test and 58 points on the hazard portion.  Change tire is the wrong answer.  You are suppose to call an operator.  

Dude you absolutely insinuated that it was illegal to charge your own tire, not that it was a recommendation.

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