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Chrkeller said:
Ryuu96 said:

Heavily implied it was illegal by saying it's government regulation and we are "100% NOT SUPPOSE TO CHANGE A TYRE" Lol.

I was just correcting an inaccurate statement and providing further clarification.

But okay there's absolutely zero issue with this part of the Highway Code...Good to know  

You inferred.  I didn't imply anything.  If I wanted to say it was illegal I would have said as such.  

And per the test, and I took it, you are not supposed to change the tire.  The correct answer is call an operator.  I got a 49/50.   

I asked a genuine question earlier, are you sure the test didn't say "On the motorway".

Because seeing how people casually speak about changing their own tyre in the UK, how Pi's driving friend didn't know, how the Gov Website essentially say you can change the tyre yourself, as long as it's not putting yourself or others in danger (I.E. use common sense where you pullover) then people don't really give a shit, including the Government, Highway Code and UK Drivers.