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Chrkeller said:
Ryuu96 said:

And Brits casually talking about changing a flat tyre.

Like I really don't understand the issue.

We can change our flat tyres (as long as it's not on the motorway) but if it's a dangerous situation, if you're unsure, call an emergency service to come and replace the tyre for you. It's a recommendation but if I got a flat and pulled into frigging Tesco's parking lot, I could repair the tyre myself.

Why is this part of the Highway Code apparently a bad thing?

Never said it was.  Just like I never said it was illegal.  I said it was different and caught me by surprise.  You overreacted, took it personally and picked a fight without reading my words.

That pretty much sums up the situation.

Heavily implied it was illegal by saying it's government regulation and we are "100% NOT SUPPOSE TO CHANGE A TYRE" Lol.

I was just correcting an inaccurate statement and providing further clarification.

But okay there's absolutely zero issue with this part of the Highway Code...Good to know  

You definitely got defensive tho but it's cool.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 20 May 2024