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G2ThaUNiT said:

So, I wasn't so enthralled by the AC Shadows reveal trailer. I dunno, but while I have little issue with CG is just felt very lifeless and boring to watch. Almost didnt finish it.

That said, there are some details that I like that I actually want incorporated into GoT2: being able to crawl, hiding in the dark, distinguishing lights. 

I feel that the one area GoT2 really needs to improve is on the stealth side of things. In fact, what I really want is for GoT's combat to be fused with MGS5's movement abilities. The responsiveness of MGS5, and some of the actions like diving, crawling backwards, interrogating enemies I think would be damn brilliant for something like GoT2's setting. 

I have no issues if the combat itself receives only light updates (maybe a different weapon option besides the katana?), but I really want stealth to be improved. 

I also kind of want a random feel of just being, maybe it's an RDR2 thing (no i don't want the overly realistic feel of that game at all), but RDR2 feels like you're really present in the game's world even when minor non-essential things are happening. Basically, take stuff like the onsens and haiku moments, but have them also fleshed out into the NPCs etc. Like, having NPCs comment on the weapon or armour you wearing (as if these items have history to them).

it's hard to explain. Regardless, I loved my time with GoT and the Iki expansion so much, that sequel is probably my most anticipated game alongside TloU3.