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Israeli soldiers shoot at firefighters near Nablus

Wafa news agency reports that soldiers fired live ammunition at Palestinian crews working to extinguish fires south of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, on Mount Gerzim. Citing a Palestinian security source, it said that Israeli soldiers stationed at a military post on the mountain targeted the firefighters with gunfire, and that no injuries were reported.

Freed Palestinian detainee Farouk al-Khatib dies

Dozens of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have taken part in a funeral for 30-year-old Farouk al-Khatib, who died from cancer on Monday, months after his release from Israeli prison, according to media reports.

The Wafa news agency said al-Khatib was subjected to medical negligence while being held in Israeli administrative detention for four months last year.

Al-Khatib lost 25kg (55 pounds) during his time in detention, his family told the Middle East Eye, and was diagnosed with stage-five stomach cancer shortly before his release in December last year.


Hezbollah again attacks near Metulla, Israel

On its official Telegram channel, the armed Lebanese group claims to have carried out a strike on the headquarters of a reconnaissance company of the Israeli army’s 551st Reserve Paratroopers Brigade in the Israeli town of Metulla, near the border of Lebanon.

Hezbollah noted that this is an elite force of the Israeli army, and said that its attack caused “confirmed casualties” that include deaths among the soldiers’ ranks. Earlier, Hezbollah claimed an attack on a border outpost near Metulla that it says killed at least one soldier. This was the seventh attack Hezbollah announced today.