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The_Yoda said:


I feel like they have been sitting on Prime 4 long enough that they may as well make it cross gen.  Metriod might move 3 to 5M Switch 2 units on it's own.  It should not be the big launch title though.  Without another Zelda or likely 3D Mario I would launch with Prime 4 and the next Mario Kart. Hit hard out of the gate. The more the merrier.  I don't think a Prime 4 is big enough to cannibalize any Kart sales.

Edit Metroid is one of my favorite franchises.  Just like with the Switch & BotW I would be willing to buy a system just to play the best version of Prime 4.

I think they are going to do a BotW E3 2016  this June Direct.

First trailer and name reveal for Metroid Prime4 with a release window of 2025.

After Switch2 reveal trailer (late 2024 or early 2025), a tweet that Prime4 will be cross gen.

Then at the Switch2 launch event a full blown trailer showing how much better Prime4 looks at new hardware.