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RolStoppable said:
BFR said:

Guys, my only thought on the harsh restriction the US has imposed on Ukraine not being allowed to use US weapons to attack true Russian soil is the nuclear threat.

By this measure, Russia may consider an attack on its soil by Ukraine utilizing US weapons, as an indirect attack by the US against Mother Russia, thus justifying a Russian nuclear response against Ukraine. This communication may have already taken place between Russia and the US using back channels. If this is true, then it would explain why the US has been insisting on this restriction all along.

Looks like we'll be waiting to see tens of thousands of Russian soldiers die, because the USA gave the order that their huge aid package shall not be used against Russian soldiers. This is exactly why the aid package didn't excite me: The limitless ineptitude and stupidity of the American leaders. The Republican House leader actually did them a favor by drawing all the blame on him for months.

Rolstop, you are incorrect. The weapons included in the $61b US aid package, which Biden signed into law in late April, can be used against Russian soldiers, but only if they are on occupied Ukrainian territory - including Crimea - which Russia has occupied since 2014.

However, the Biden admin does not want to see them used against Russian soldiers in Mother Russia itself.  I know Ryu hates this restriction and I don't like it either Ryu, but I believe it is in place because they are worried Putin may play the nuclear card as a possible Russian response - one that could result in Russia using tactical nukes against the Ukrainian army via nuclear armed artillery shells or small nuclear armed missiles.