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Why do I have any faith that the West will ever do the right thing at this point. UK is probably bullshitting us all too.

All I see is America's enemies growing stronger; Iran, North Korea, Russia, all led by disgusting regimes, all collaborating with each other, growing stronger, having no redlines, all I see from the West is "bu-bu-bu-redlines, I'm scared" all I see is Europe grovelling at China and China saying "sure thing bro" then publicly laughing in our face as they go straight back to aiding Russia.

America and Europe paralysed by self-inflicted fear. If this leads to China invading Taiwan, Iran attacking Israel, Russia invading more countries, the blood will be on our hands for how pathetically cowardly we were when we needed to be brave and stand up against evil, instead we're showing evil that we're terrified of it and while it has no redlines, we enforce multiple stupid redlines on ourselves.

Sumy and Kharkiv will eventually turn into a wasteland thanks to this stupid fucking policy.

Not enough in practically every aspect, not enough military support because we're too scared to make ourselves a fraction uncomfortable, meanwhile those on Russia's border empty their stocks for Ukraine, too afraid to lift stupid policies enforced onto Ukraine, Europe can't even properly enforce its own damn sanctions on Russia. Cowardice all round.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 16 May 2024