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Shtinamin_ said:
Shatts said:-snip

I feel like MP4 wont be cross-gen considering that the game is essentially completed, and that Metroid doesn't have a huge fanbase. The two latest Metroid games, Metroid Dread, and Metroid Prime Remastered sold 3.07M and 1.09M respectively. Metroid Dread is the best selling Metroid game of all time. Meaning that MP4 will sit near 10M at most. And wont be the reason people go purchase a new console worth $400. I will say the Metroid has gained in fans, otherwise the Switch sales would have been lower. and having it as a cross-gen launch will boost sales, but they wont be BotW sales. MP4 will at max reach 20M.

I do agree that Mario Kart will be in the Summer if the successor launches in March. We may be seeing a fall 2025 launch, with a Jan-Mar announcement.


I feel like they have been sitting on Prime 4 long enough that they may as well make it cross gen.  Metriod might move 3 to 5M Switch 2 units on it's own.  It should not be the big launch title though.  Without another Zelda or likely 3D Mario I would launch with Prime 4 and the next Mario Kart. Hit hard out of the gate. The more the merrier.  I don't think a Prime 4 is big enough to cannibalize any Kart sales.

Edit Metroid is one of my favorite franchises.  Just like with the Switch & BotW I would be willing to buy a system just to play the best version of Prime 4.

Last edited by The_Yoda - on 16 May 2024