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Chrkeller said:
Leynos said:

Switch Pro was confirmed by my uncle at Nintendo It was could to be the TNNSHATR239. The New Nintendo Switch Hyper Alpha Turbo Remix. It had a 14-inch screen, 64Tflops 128GB of Ram. 16CPU cores. 8 Hyper thread cores. A new 4K F-Zero.  ELite controllers. 200GB carts. Voice chat functionality. A cup holder. Parkour ability. A Fleshlight and 9-inch dildo modeled after Miyamoto's dong. But it wasn't impressive enough for Zeldaring on VGchartz so it was cancelled.

Only 64 tflops?  Glad it was canned.  My 4090 is a bit over 100.  250 tflops or bust.  

woah now.... lets not get too ahead of ourselves :P 

4090 performance for Switch 2 should be more than enough. :)
Could you imagine a 500 watt tpd handheld?

(also isnt a stock 4090 like 83 tflops? of fp16.... did you overclock that bad boy?)