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sc94597 said:
zeldaring said:

EA is an outlier but the reason cyberpunk, resident evil 4,  SF6, tekken 8,  final fantasy games, COD and many other big third party games is hardware limitations.

Cyberpunk, SF6, and RE4 remake are practically 9th gen titles that were barely playable on the PS4/XBO, and the last two didn't even release on XBO. 

Just to add a bit of context for the people in the thread (and you probably know this), most of those games are accurately described as barely playable on PS4/XBO, but SF6 runs well on PS4, since fighting games basically have to run at a stable 60fps, or the framedata of the moves get messed up, etc. Which makes it more difficult to port to weaker hardware since you can't cut the framerate in half like you can with most games.

Chrkeller said:
zeldaring said:

I mean there was leaked documents and confirmation by multiple reliable sources and  pro versions were were becoming the norm for consoles such a successful piece of hardware not to get a pro version when it needed one badly is kinda of insane.

Depends on how much people believe leaks.  I personally don't believe in rumors.  If rumors and leaks were accurate I would have WWHD and TWHD on the switch.  People, just my opinion, put way too much faith in leaks and rumors. 

Well, the way I see it is that not all leaks are equal.
It's one thing to have a random post on 4chan claiming something, and completely different when its coming from someone with an impeckable track record.

The Nvidia leak for example has proven over and over to be correct as more and more games that were on the list keep getting announced.

Midori on Twitter with Sega/Atlus leaks is another example.
(14) みどり (@MbKKssTBhz5) / X (

In the case of the reports of Switch Pro being planned, but then cancelled (presumably due to the semi conductor shortage at the time) this was corroborated by several reputable outlets, but in particular by Digital Foundry / Eurogamer.
They were the ones who first broke the news on what the original Switch concept would be, and its specs. They did the same for PS4 Pro, and were spot on again, etc.

That said, I don't recall what the specs were supposed to be for Switch Pro, if they even mentioned any. It's possible that the specs mentioned prviously in this thread came from a different source, and should not be mixed together with Digital Foundry's report in that case.

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