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curl-6 said:

Shoutout to sc94957 for covering pretty much every base I felt like I wanted to say, and doing so very eloquently.

Switch 2 may not be bleeding edge for 2025, but mass market systems tend not to be anyway. It will be a massive leap over the current Switch, and that's how it will be viewed by most, only a relatively small minority of enthusiasts are going to care that it's not the latest and greatest tech.

As for third party support, I wouldn't worry. If they managed to get stuff like Witcher 3 and Hogwarts Legacy running on the current Switch and the 7th gen COD games running on Wii, they'll find a way to get plenty of 9th gen titles running on Switch 2.

GTA VI port in 2026 alongside PC version, mark my words.

1080p with DLSS Quality (720p) at 30 fps docked, DLSS Performance (540p) in handheld mode