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!Warning - the below is meant ironically (read the P.S. section at the end)!

Dear PC connoisseurs in this thread (incl. handheld/hybrid-PC connoisseurs) why do you even care and comment about the Switch 2? You aren't really interested in it anyway, no matter the specs. You like high resolutions, high frame rates and ray tracing, the Switch 2 (and to be frank, even PS5 and Xbox Series S/X) isn't for you. You like to spend a lot of time in the settings menu for each game to optimise all the parameters in order to get the best out of each game - that's great but that's exactly what the majority of console gamers don't want to mess with. They prefer to use their limited free time to actually play the games. For them, a good game is good, no matter the settings and a bad game remains bad even at the best optimised settings.

You must be very happy because from now on it seems you will get any former PlayStation and Xbox exclusive franchises on your PC. You can save a lot of money because you don't need to buy PlayStations and Xboxes anymore. The remaining ones are the Nintendo consoles (if you care for their exclusives). Maybe you truly like some of the Nintendo franchises but I guess you prefer to not buy Nintendo hardware and software anyways as you can have them on your PC as well, via emulator an you can enjoy those precious Nintendo games in high resolution, high frame frates and even with ray tracing. You really don't have to worry for the Switch 2 or any other console - you're fine, just be happy!

P.S.: I'm sorry if the above comes over a bit harsh but it really isn't intended to trash PC gamers. PC gaming is great and to have powerful hardware where you can play the definitive versions of games has value. Tinkering and playing with the settings can be lot of fun too! The above should be read as an irony in context to the recent discussion on this thread.

Last edited by Fight-the-Streets - on 13 May 2024