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zeldaring said:
Norion said:

Exactly, it would've been top end so would be a bad business move since the increased price and poor battery life would reduce sales. Also the Steam Deck was 2022, not 2020.

It depends who you look at it, if they wanted a big piece of sony market share they should have released switch 2 in late 2023, or march 2024 the latest, they would have gotten a massive amount  of third party support. now it feels just too late for it to my make a dent and i also feel like the hardware is just too dated to run thirdparty games easily in 2 years  or so after release, then ps6, steam 2 will all be around the corner.

Doubt Nintendo cares about getting any of Sony's market. They'll focus on what they have and try to expand via blue ocean and non traditional players while also building their relationships with 3rd parties.