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Mar1217 said:

Nice to think the whole thing will be basically be an in-between the PS4 Pro-Series S spec wise.

The only thing the former would have over the Switch 2 would be the memory bandwidth (217gb/s vs 120gb/s for the Switch 2). 

GPU,CPU,RAM storage are all going to slide over it. So pretty much like the Switch, it's gonna offer modern rendering techniques that couldn't be done on previous gen consoles while maintaining a resolution simar to what we see if the Series S ... Maybe even better with DLSS

Slide over it is too much - the RTX 3050 is like 70% of a GTX 1060, so it should be a bit faster than the PS4 Pro GPU overall. The Switch 2 however won't be running anywhere close to 30-45 W and might not include the full 2048 SPs as the laptop GPU.

Even going for a more modern architecture here wouldn't make a difference since Nvidia's IPC has been remarkably consistent in the past three generations. It will have to make do with DLSS to close the gap to the Pro, not raster performance.