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Shatts said:
Shtinamin_ said:

I personally believe that if they do release a Tomodachi, Rhythm Heaven and other smaller IP's then the "system seller" would be Tomodachi due to nostalgia. Rhythm Heaven sells round 1-3M units at most, and those that are Rhythm Heaven enjoyers (like myself) have already gotten a Switch before.

I am a strong believer that Metroid Prime 4 will not be the cross-gen launch, because I think they will be releasing a new 3D Mario, and a few months later the new Mario Kart.

This 2nd half will probably be (my wish list, most realisitc to the top):
Mario Party iteration
Metroid Prime 4
DK (due to DKC in Universal & his presence in the movie)
Nintendo World Champions NES Deluxe
Rhythm Heaven
Remake of Kid Icarus (1986)
Mario & Sonic @ Paris Olympics 2024
Pokémon (small game)

Flip Studio (that's a want)
Art Academy (that's a want).

Agreed $300 OLED, $150 Lite, $250 Switch or bundles: MK8D+booster bundle, SMBW bundle, TotK bundle, Pikmin 4 bundle. Each bundle would be an additional $50. Maybe Nintendo implements both scenarios essentially slashing the price by $60.

With Successor Announcement in Nov 2024

The last Rhythm Heaven title was the Wii version. Ever since, the IP has gained massive popularity globally through many content creators playing it, popular edited videos like the Smash one, and older players coming together. I can totally see Rhythm Heaven doing 10m unless it's full price which it would most likely be cuz Nintendo.

If I was Nintendo, I wouldn't launch the Switch 2 with 3D Mario. I would just repeat the Switch launch. Reveal Oct, presentation Jan, launch March. Highly anticipated cross-gen title (MP4) and new IPs at launch. Mario Kart in the summer, 3D Mario holidays. Smaller titles in between. 

Well, the last Rhythm Heaven was Rhythm Heaven Megamix, which only sold 1.03M, and the series as a whole has sold 5.18M over 4 games. The best selling is Rhythm Heaven for the NDS at 3.04M.

But I do agree that it has gained in popularity, I have certainly found it recently through a friend and I have enjoyed playing it (I have a really hard time with the Monkey Time level). Hmm considering that even SMBW is having a relatively hard time selling (compared to TotK, BotW, SMO, ACNH, and Pokémon at least), I think a Rhythm Heaven Switch would sell near 5-8M.

I feel like MP4 wont be cross-gen considering that the game is essentially completed, and that Metroid doesn't have a huge fanbase. The two latest Metroid games, Metroid Dread, and Metroid Prime Remastered sold 3.07M and 1.09M respectively. Metroid Dread is the best selling Metroid game of all time. Meaning that MP4 will sit near 10M at most. And wont be the reason people go purchase a new console worth $400. I will say the Metroid has gained in fans, otherwise the Switch sales would have been lower. and having it as a cross-gen launch will boost sales, but they wont be BotW sales. MP4 will at max reach 20M.

I do agree that Mario Kart will be in the Summer if the successor launches in March. We may be seeing a fall 2025 launch, with a Jan-Mar announcement.

Doctor_MG said:
Shtinamin_ said

I dont think they would bring in a new SKU model at such a late stage of the console's life. They have done it before with the GB bringing in the GBC, but that is a handheld and was due to the failure that was the Virtual Boy. If they bring in a new SKU, why would they replace it so soon with a brand new successor? I think option 1 is the most logical.

Actually, it is Nintendo MO to release a new SKU this late in the life cycle. 

- New style NES releases two years after SNES released. 

- New style SNES released a year after N64 released

-Gameboy Light came out the same year the Gameboy Color did, so that's two revisions of a console 9 years after release.

- Gameboy Micro released a year after DS released

- DSi XL released a year before 3DS

- Wii mini released a few months after the Wii U came out

- New 2DS XL came out a few months after the Switch came out. 

Pretty much the only consoles they haven't done this for are the consoles that didn't sell very well. 

Oooo. Look at that. I do appreciate the work put in to this. And ngl that is very amazing to hear that they have done this pretty much for every console.

I will give the new hardware revision some more consideration.

Would this be the rumored Youtube poll Nintendo Switch Attach? New revision in October 2024?

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