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smroadkill15 said:
Wman1996 said:

Yeah, I don't want thousands of people losing their jobs. Additionally, I'm pretty sure Nintendo and PlayStation would be emboldened by the closing of Xbox. I'm well aware they do anti-consumer stuff already to a large degree. but it would probably get worse. 

Former Blizzard President Says Closures Hurt Phil Spencer 'as Much as Anyone Else' (

Yeah, bull. Phil might not say the situation is ideal and feel slightly bad, but I doubt he's losing any sleep. 

I don't even know who to replace Phil with. Sarah Bond is already president of Xbox and I don't know if she'll do anything better as head of Microsoft Gaming. 

Xbox closing wouldn't be good for a number of reasons. I would rather see them reevaluate Game Pass day 1 releases and become fully 3rd party if this means studios don't get shut down. 

He probably does, but it doesn't really matter if he feels bad. It doesn't change anything.

It would probably be Sarah or Matt. Matt seems more cutthroat than Phil imo. Sarah is a bit of a wildcard, but I do think she would do well in the role. The best outcome would be someone who has worked from the bottom to the top in game development so they at least appreciate and understand the struggles devs go through. This is least likely though. 

"Re-evaluate Gamepass day one releases". Finally something we agree on. Gamepass day one is clearly not good for the developers but the problem with removing day and date Gamepass games is that, it was the whole selling point to begin with. It's almost like they can't go back on it because Gamepass was built to sell people that very promise. If they change it now you would get a Helldivers 2 PSN style backlash,(and that backlash was truly massive in scale) and Sony's backing down to the mob tweet got over 40 million views. If you change Gamepass now or you will get is a mob overwhelming you to change it back, or a very severe mass cancellation boycott.