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Norion said:
Phenomajp13 said:

Yes honestly Nintendo not cutting the price in this day and age has been the same as a price cut but let's not act like both PS5 and Xbox series haven't seen any price adjustments. The PS5 for example saw some of it's lowest price tag in the US in the month of March. We also see in some parts of Europe such as Spain, the PS5 has a hard time moving without price cuts. I think it would be wild to think Nintendo isn't even considering price cuts considering the expectations of a significant drop in software sales, revenue, and profit but hardware to remain flat besides Q1 last year due to Zelda. Either Nintendo has price cuts ready for this holiday, incredible bundles, or another revision is the only way to explain the hardware forecast. Expecting Nintendo to all of a sudden be incompetent in their forecasting this late in the gen is ridiculous.

Expecting it to remain flat for most of the year is ridiculous. It's guaranteed to consistently decline, especially when word of the successor coming out next year is gonna spread quickly now. Also considering that the OLED makes up most of the sales at this point combined with the growth of the amount of annual playing users slowing down a lot means that an increasingly large share of Switches being sold are going to existing owners and those people in particular will reconsider buying a Switch now or soon if they know that the successor isn't far off.

That's not guaranteed at all actually considering Japan and Others were up. I think this is why I believe we will see price cuts because only a price cut could stabilize the decline. Price cuts across the original and Oled are meant to find those late gen consumers and encourage those original Switch owners to upgrade to Oled. These people are not Switch 2 early adopters, so a successor announcement will not have any affect on them. These people are looking for cheaper prices/good deals. You must remember there will still be retailer deals, so a 299.99 Oled model will also see bundled software (deals) at the retail level. Just last month, we saw Switch get a boost in Japan due to deals on the Oled model. Discounts can definitely steady the decline, obviously no company wants to do them annually but this late in the gen would help set Switch up for its late stages of life (more affordable entry price) and help penetrate the market further seeking those late adopting consumers.

Last edited by Phenomajp13 - on 07 May 2024