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Norion said:
Phenomajp13 said:

They are not forecasting that figure just to cut later. Not exactly sure what is so hard to believe about them cutting the price. Cutting the price this late allows the Switch continue to reach consumers that haven't taken the plunge or encourage more Oled upgrades. Cutting the price also moves Oled model out of Switch 2's pricing range. The Switch definitely needs pricing adjustments in NA and Europe due to the exchange rates issue with Japan. Switch also made more profit this year than last year despite a drop in hardware and software, clearly they can afford to cut the price.

It's hard to believe cause of all the inflation that's been happening. Both the PS5 and Series X have literally had a price increase instead of a cut in the past couple years. I won't fully discount the possibility but it would be surprising for it to finally happen this late in the life cycle when its impact on sales will be a lot lower than if it happened earlier on.

Yes honestly Nintendo not cutting the price in this day and age has been the same as a price cut but let's not act like both PS5 and Xbox series haven't seen any price adjustments. The PS5 for example saw some of it's lowest price tag in the US in the month of March. We also see in some parts of Europe such as Spain, the PS5 has a hard time moving without price cuts. I think it would be wild to think Nintendo isn't even considering price cuts considering the expectations of a significant drop in software sales, revenue, and profit but hardware to remain flat besides Q1 last year due to Zelda. Either Nintendo has price cuts ready for this holiday, incredible bundles, or another revision is the only way to explain the hardware forecast. Expecting Nintendo to all of a sudden be incompetent in their forecasting this late in the gen is ridiculous.

haxxiy said:

The operating profit increased because the bulk of their business is overseas but it's measured in an increasingly devalued yen, in dollars both the profits and revenue dropped.

The Switch isn't manufactured in Japan, it's the price there that's currently too low and not the other way around. If anything the Japanese margins must be painfully thin nowadays, so it sucks for them that it's their best-performing market currently.

Yes all true but Nintendo is certainly not going to raise the price in Japan. I would imagine they expect a smaller decline in hardware sales and larger declines in profit, revenue, and software could only be explained by a price cut on hardware everywhere but Japan or very attractive bundles (which did do wonders last holiday) or another revision. I don't think Nintendo is incompetent and will miss their forecast this late in the gen. The forecast is 13.5 million vs. 15.7 million last year, that's a 2.2 million decline with likely around 2 million of that decline will be in Q1 alone due to Zelda last year. That means Nintendo expects Switch to be roughly flat this year vs last year (Q2 2.93, Q3 6.9, and Q4 1.96). Nintendo could certainly afford to do something especially when they are now moving Switch to its late life stage. That usually means entry prices into the ecosystem and/or bundles.