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firebush03 said:

Lol that’s about as insane as thinking that Biden was going to enforce a communist state in his first year. (You should rephrase the poll to say “Do you think any of this is actually going to happen?”.)

No. Trump likely won’t even have a strong majority in either of the chambers, so he won’t have the kind of power even a quarter of these things. I won’t deny that the rhetoric has become unhinged on the right, but they will in no way be able to enforce any of this into legislation.

But there is no documentation of Biden wanting to implement a communist state from the left itself.   This is from the Heritage Foundation.  This is their playbook.

And I agree that he likely won't be able to implement much of those because the checks and balances and other safeguards but, as I stated, it shows the mind set of those crafting policy (which is what the Heritage Foundation does).

KLXVER said:

Several of these are just ridiculous.

Bomb Mexico? Why would anyone want that? What would that accomplish?

They are extremely ridiculous but they are all in Project 2025's playbook or stated by Project 2025's authors/proponents.  Although couched in language that isn't as direct as mine.

As for Mexico, they want to attack the cartels. It's not explicitly stated as such by the Heritage Foundation but they have fully endorsed Trump who has explicitly stated as such (along with others in the GOP). Link.

Tober said:

"Terminate the Constitution".........Right wing think tank.......?????

It's a good troll list though. Made me laugh.

Replace, rewrite, what have you.  They are pushing for extensive modifications to several aspects to the point it no longer resembles the Constitution we know. And it is quite evident in the policies agenda list above.  You could not implement even half of those under the current Constitution.  If they want to implement the rest, they have to do something to the Constitution itself. Trump himself has stated as such a few times, "the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution".

Shtinamin_ said:

No self-proclaimed Americans, leftwing or rightwing would ever get rid of the US Constitution. Especially the Rednecks, and rightwing, and the Heritage Foundation. Just sit on that for a second, a group called The Heritage Foundation wants to terminate the US Constitution, which is the reason there even is a United States of America still standing today (along with The Declaration of Independence). This is the heritage of America.

First of all, people will think this is legit because they just assume so.

Second, it was a good laugh.

Third, if this is what you think of the right, then you don't know what the right is actually about.

Try Again...

Enjoy.  All 920 pages of their Mandate For Leadership: The Conservative Promise.  Written in collaboration by over 200 GOP policy makers, leaders, consultants, etc...  And what isn't in that document has been uttered by either Trump himself or other members of the GOP.