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Regional YoY Q4 shipments

Japan .55m > .67m (+21%)
Americas 1.34m > .67m (-50%)
Europe .87m > .34m (-61%)
Others .3m > .27m (-10%)
Total 3.06m > 1.96m (-36%)

A massive drop in the quarter YoY. Japan somehow is up YoY, with Others barely down YoY. In other news the JPY hit a 34 year low against the dollar, and isn't faring much better vs other currencies. Europe and the Americas have massive drops. Maybe even Americans and Europeans are buying the Switch from Japan now.

To further explain this phenomenon, lets compare the full FY now that the FY is finished.

Regional FY shipments

Japan 4.37m > 4.41m (+1%)
Americas 6.97m > 5.52m (-21%)
Europe 4.98m > 3.90m (-22%)
Others 1.65m > 1.86m (+14%)
Total 17.97m > 15.70m (-13%)

Japan is up YoY for the entire FY in shipments, which is quite interesting because Famitsu had sales for the FY as +500k for the year before. Americas and Europe are down quite a bit, but steady. And Others continues to be a strong region with all their buddies getting the Switch from Japan.

Basically Nintendo thinks 13.5m is possible due to strong sales in Japan and Others, but that is due to the weak yen. So Nintendo predicts the Yen to be just as weak or even weaker, which honestly would annoy me, because I am already paying double price for some groceries as compared with before.

A regional breakdown for 13.5m could look like this.

Japan 4m
Americas 4m
Europe 3m
Others 2.5m

Japan keeps ridiculously strong due to the weak yen and Europe and Americas continue to fall. Others somehow increases greatly. Give or take a few 100k here or there.

Last edited by Farsala - on 07 May 2024