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Renamed said:

Project 2025 is a blueprint prepared by The Heritage Foundation (a right wing think tank) that lays out the first 180 days of the next Republican presidency.  The truncated summary of the agenda listed below is startling:

Mass layoffs of civil servants  <- why?
Install Trump loyalists <- sounds like a bad idea, unless you want a facist with ultimate controll to take the wheel.
Terminate the Constitution  <-- why? who does that benefit?
Mass deportations
Bomb Mexico  <--- wtf? why?
Shoot migrants  <--- why?
Electrify the wall
Reinstate and expand Muslim ban  <-- freedom of religion? no?
Ideological screening for immigrants
Revoke certain student visas
End birthright citizenship  <--- being born in a country doesnt mean, your from it? hmmm?
10% tariff on all foreign goods  <--- will just make inflation go up, for things your reling on others for.
No 'two-state' solution  <---- because haveing religious powers run the country works great for other places in the world?
Withdraw from NATO  <--- the soft power, that USA uses to controll the world... why?
Punish hospitals that provide any trans care  <---- any? surely some might be deemed acceptable?
Ban on trans care of any kind for minors
Exit Paris Climate Accord  <--- billions of life, could be lost to climate change within 100-200 years, but why bother? I guess.
Abolish the EPA
Increase dependence on fossil fuels <--- because thats what the world needs. Who cares about the future climate anyways.
Nationwide abortion ban
Punish women for abortions
Abolish Department of Ed
Enforce 'patriotic based education'
Homeless encampments <--- go bankrupt, lose house, get rounded up, and put in a concentration camp.
Institutionalize the mentally ill <--- shouldn't you already be doing that? or is there no line here? all? even say depression?
Full immunity for police  <---- yes, police should be above the law.... right.
Employ 'stop and frisk' nationally
Shoot shoplifters <--- punishment fits the crime.... right?
Federal takeover of Democratically led cities
Use National Guard on protests
Use military force on civilians

While unlikely that much of these policies could ever be enacted if our systems and institutions function as the safeguards they were designed to be, but it goes to show where the mind set is for many on the right.  That said, many others on the right are highly critical of it.  But will that ultimately be enough? Are we willing to take such a risk to our democracy?

So much of this sounds crazy... I cant believe thats real.