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Maybe. To me while I've picked up many of the Xbox One exclusives not all are my thing either.

To me Xbox has this issue of trying to keep up, is or isn't doing well with Gamepass in some areas with some games Palworld drop off has happened of course by now.

Even besides the launch to me the games just weren't exciting. Sure Sunset Overdrive, sure Forza Motorsport who am I kidding I hated 5 at launch and thought it was a Gran Turismo 1 formula game. I have changed my opinion since but even still the remixing of the progression in 5 to 7 is just weird and 6 to me made itself more boring. Yet Gran Tursimo 7 is Gran Turismo 5 level gating on a worse scale with Forza Motorsport 6 roulette system to a further extent. That's fun. Sigh.

To me Motorsport series has just appealed to me less and less. 8/Series X entry the marketing was so much hiding everything about it I got frustrated. Once they revealed things not surprised they hide the details. Wasn't happy about it.

Halo has been, eh. 5 I played years later I was that disappointed. It was ok. Gears Tactics (not played but think was a fair idea, I mean I bought up many Square titles that were tactics or hack n slash when I usually not buy Square games)/4 & 5 didn't bother me. I know how Halo 4 & 5 like they have for the series but they didn't bother me.

State of Decay I think has more appeal but just barely gets talked about. Crackdown 3 I see why it didn't succeed but I have enjoy it a bit so far as a newcomer to the series. But I like Driver Renegade on 3DS so my opinion is not valid. XD I separate how Renegade and San Francisco are I know how different of quality they are.

Lucky's tale was brief but improved on other platforms especially the camera.

I loved Sunset Overdrive and ReCore, Rare Replay is great.

The thing is is while Age of Empires, Hi Fi Rush and more showcase the great of Xbox you get other titles that don't appeal to people or change the views people have.

Even then the only physical Xbox game I have because of Smart Delivery (sure I own Project Cars 3 as well physical as my other SD title) is Demon Turf why because it's ONLY physical on Xbox. To me that's strange as because all their other titles are digital focused or Limited Run but an Indie platformer is physical on Xbox yet I'd expect it to be on PS/Nintendo physical. Just weird but I'm glad I own it on Xbox physical.

Xbox has the variety but not in the same way Nintendo has a 'synergy' for lack of a better word among their titles maybe for their audience to be ok trying different games.

That and the marketing for some titles or services just don't appeal (aim at a different audience I think for one and how they go about doing it) or just time of release periods or what they are trying to sell. You can't always sell Gamepass.

I do see the 'get these biscuits, do such and such and have a chance to win an Xbox Series X' just like I heard about the Gamepass pop tarts access to the service so that's a thing.

To me the genre variety matters but to me the presentation and quality in Xbox titles variety while fair just doesn't appeal the same way and I don't know why.

Sony's PS1-3/PSP/Vita I was totally fine with the variety no matter how completely varied they are in every way. Xbox has similar I think but I just don't feel it and I don't know why.

I've had an Xbox as long as a PlayStation so I have no competitive loyalty. I mean I've had Nintendo consoles less and come around to them later (had a Wii/DS but only got more into them with Wii U, 3DS and Switch besides retro picks up Wii/DS). I enjoy my 360 from time to time, don't own an OG Xbox anymore but want to.

But their first party games while they work a fair bit. Yeah I think audiences are clear with their titles/appeal of platform when on other platforms. The marketing to me is hit and miss. They have variety but not all of them appeal to certain audiences.

That and the push for RPGs and cinematic games like Sony, but also a mix of other types. It feels kind of confusing. They feel like they want to offer a good mix of games for many audiences but also play catch up. It feels kind of aimless.

Aimless can work but I mean you get a lot of different types of games but they don't really appeal to many. But then again other than maybe the variety/loyalty maybe people did that for PlayStation in the past? I don't know. I never have issues with the OG Xbox/360 variety either. But for Xbox One onwards I just haven't felt that and it could be just how modern games gameplay wise are of mechanics or present themselves. But I am just modern game picky due to how particular design is for many titles. It's a very much me problem. XD

I think it's the same problem as just casuals into particular games, they get their 1 game or 1 IP or handful and are satisfied.

Or it's just a certain way they present them of worlds/gameplay/story/whatever the case. Besides the physical issue of discoverability if not for news/digital store browsing.

That and I think the titles while they vary have an issue. Physical aside. I didn't even know which were on Xbox One still during the Smart Delivery 2-3 year period anyway (they were digital so that's one thing) but that aside even besides my lacking Xbox presence in some stores for PC gear instead of PS5/Switch titles on shelves besides EB/Gamestop or retro stores that get games sent to them.

I won't deny I wasn't a fan of the Xbox One era titles really anyway. Some I own because some family members were interested, others I picked up for collecting purposes and that is it. Very few I actually enjoyed, wanted or would keep the console for if it wasn't for good media features for blu-rays/DVD viewing (can't say for movies/tv shows or streaming apps I don't use them) and backwards compatibility being so useful. Also I enjoy using Soundcloud or a CD app/media player if I feel like it. Can't use a CD on an PlayStation 4 or 5. That's the benefits of the Microsoft/Windows store it isn't good but when you have a few apps that benefit and cross over to the Xbox it's worth it.

While Gamepass advertising makes sense some of it boggles my mind. But while I fit a certain generation of people I don't think that way I prefer my OG Xbox/360 titles more even the exclusive third party offerings. I think many of us do.

The sales may be what they are and while Japanese selective titles do appear on the Xbox that appeal to Xbox gamers (obviously those more than the stereotypes I mean as clearly many do care and do like the platform and a number of types of games) it didn't have the same value as those exclusive and us going oh I remember that or discovering them in my case and going wow these are amazing games I missed out on. Like the Kingdom Under Fire series for example.

Then again besides Brute Force, Raze's Hell or a few racing games like Apex/Racing Evoluzione or Group S Challenge I mostly just want Dr Muto, Blinx 1 & 2, Voodoo Vince (I know the remaster exists digitally on Xbox One) and Forza Motorsport 1. But found many other titles through research and gone yeah why not wen it comes to many 360 titles I'd never considered western, or eastern.