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Hardstuck-Platinum said:
Ryuu96 said:


Why so disrespectful towards him? He has nearly 80K followers and was trending so he clearly is not "irrelevant". He USED to be a console warrior, but he changed. Enjoying PlayStation content doesn't make you a console warrior. He's enjoying his new purchase and sharing it with his large twitter following. 

Maybe I was harsh but -Shrug- Lol.

I'll give you that he has 80k followers so he's not totally irrelevant but he's still a tool and part of the reason he trends is often because of people mocking him. He's just another Crapgamer who lost his shit when Xbox started porting to PC. He is STILL a console warrior and just because he changed to PlayStation doesn't make him no longer a console warrior, there are plenty of console warrior PlayStation fans on Twitter too like "JapanHatesXbox" likewise I could say that "Enjoying Xbox content doesn't make you a console warrior" but that doesn't apply to TimDog.

He literally swapped to PlayStation precisely because he is a console warrior who can't handle that Xbox is porting stuff to the company which was his sworn rival for his entire life, now he thinks he is sticking it to Xbox for betraying him. Read his tweet, he literally decided that PlayStation was his preferred platform and company before he even got a damn PlayStation, Lmao. He will now be PlayStation's biggest cheerleader and act exactly like he did when he was an Xbox fanboy but now for Sony, if how he acted when he was an Xbot made him a console warrior, then the same logic will apply to PlayStation.

And I'll say again, PlayStation users shouldn't entertain his nonsense, CrapGamer abandoning Xbox didn't make him suddenly no longer a console warrior, you're cheerleading him one day and then all of a sudden he's crying and dooming PlayStation. As I've said before, I was never a fan of him and I don't follow any console warriors on either side (Xbox/PS/Nintendo), I make sure to keep my timeline clear of that shit and I'm not the only Xbox fan who thought this way about TimDog because console warriors are morons on both sides and should all be called out equally as turning our hobbies that we love incredibly toxic.