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Ryuu96 said:
Leynos said:

Who the fuck is Timdog?

Your typical Twitter console warrior, utterly irrelevant and not worth paying attention to but I'll sum him up for you.

He's a massive console warrior who made his entire personality a plastic box and when said plastic box was losing a few exclusives to another plastic box, Timdog lost his absolute shit and had a full on meltdown on Twitter, now he no longer cares for said plastic box and everything to do with it (despite previously pretending like he loved everything to do with it).

I saw his tweet (in a Discord, I don't follow and never have followed any of these console warriors) and I saw people mocking his tweet so I assume a reason for him trending was people mocking him as per usual, if you want to know what his really sad tweet was: "So I listened to many and I’m just gonna be positive about Sony which is now my preferred console and gaming company of choice. I will try to keep my tweeting about Xbox to minimum. Gonna try out the Sony experience now and give them a shot."

So basically he said he's going to intentionally limit posting about Xbox now (all those games he was excited about? Suddenly not excited for them and will artificially limit himself from talking about them) ultimately it proves that he never gave a fuck about anything, such as the games and that he only cared about using said games in his pathetic little console war to use as ammo against Sony fans.

God help this dude if one day in the future, PlayStation started porting stuff to Xbox consoles (before someone jumps in to scream at me that will never happen, that isn't the point of my comment), the point is, TimDog would probably spontaneously combust when he has no console anymore to be a console warrior in. He is the peak example of why it's a bad thing to make your entire personality a plastic box.

And from that tweet, Sony became his preferred console and company of choice before he even got a PlayStation, Lmfao...Because he listened to many and he's now going to be Sony's #1 cheerleader (it's so artificial and fake) and the limiting himself talking about Xbox, bro is acting like a person can't be a fan of multiple consoles or talk about multiple consoles, his entire Twitter personality will now be plastic box #2.

FWIW I've always mocked him as a console warrior and clown, I've never been much of a fan of him, I mean I'd say he is less harmful than some other console warriors but JFC the dude needs to grow up and I know a lot of other Xbox users who aren't a fan of him either, PlayStation users shouldn't entertain his nonsense because one day he could just as easily have yet another absolute meltdown over PlayStation.

Good thing Sony unlike Xbox won't create a relationship with him because Sony tends to not interact with their fans anywhere near as much as Xbox does which has led to some console warriors in the Xbox community being emboldened and making them think that Xbox is their personal friend and they're treating it like their girlfriend fucked their mortal enemy or as someone else put it on Reddit: "They're "influencers" who made their whole persona being Microsoft's strongest soldiers serving on the front lines of the console wars."

Why so disrespectful towards him? He has nearly 80K followers and was trending so he clearly is not "irrelevant". He USED to be a console warrior, but he changed. Enjoying PlayStation content doesn't make you a console warrior. He's enjoying his new purchase and sharing it with his large twitter following.