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In the opening match, Solo sets up Randy Orton for a Samoan Spike on top of the announce people. To the shock of noone Randy Orton instead RKOs him into the table...


To be fair, I guess he could have been going to spike him then do like a Rock Bottom through the table, but it seems more like he was just setting up to take the RKO. That aside, pretty fun match. Crowd is crazy hot. Tanga didn't come out looking super strong. But we have more Samoans! I'm guessing the end game is Bloodline vs Bloodline feud. Roman, Jimmy, Jey, and Sami vs Solo, The two Tangas, and Jacob Fatu. And, that sounds pretty fun.

Tiffany, Naomi, and Bayley had a fun match. There were a few sloppyish spots, but also some really great ones. Bayley I think almost lost the title buy mistake, with Naomi missing a pin break up. Tiffany Stratton looked great. As expected, Naomi was there to take the pin, which is too bad for her.

Damien Priest and Jey Uso exceeded my expectations. Despite all common sense, they sold me on the idea that Jey Uso may actually win the match. Whoever the agent was for this match planned it out incredibly well, and good excecution too. I still am not sure I buy Damien Priest as a top guy, but there were some flashes here where I kind of got it.

Jade Cargil and Bianca vs the Kabuki Warriors was... ok. It started off well, with Bianca doing most of the work. When Jade finally came in, she finally got to do more than a few moves, and she looked downright decent. He movements and transitions are still a bit too tentative, which is soemthing that's hopefully just due to a lack of experience. But, what she does, she does pretty cleanly. The way she powered Kairi Sane into the Glam Slam/Jaded was amazing. Jade Cargill is never gonna be the next Shawn Michaels, but she's getting good enough for the Warrior/Goldberg kind of character she is.

Problem is that the match got kind of messy towards the end. Kairi Sane had Jade Cargill in a pin, and the referree, rightly or wrongly, said that Kairi wasn't legal. The problem was that because of the language barrier, it didn't seem like the referee was able to property explain that Kairi wasn't legal. So, she just kind of awkwardly went through some spots. And then, tagged Asuka which the ref reacted to as a tag even though he thought Asuka was legal? Dunno whose fault this was, but it kind of ruined the momentum of the match.

Aj Styles vs Cody Rhodes was about as good as they could have done. Obviously, both guys are great, the crowd was super excited, and they worked a good old school pace to milk the crowd reaction. Both guys dug a little deeper into their repertoires, pulling out some stuff they don't usually do. The only real issue is that I did not for even a millisecond believe that Cody was going to lose. Of course, there's nothing that could have been done to avoid that, since Cody had to have a first major title defense, and he had to win it. But, it was what it was.

This was a pretty unambitious show, but each of the matches accomplished what they set out to do. The crowd helped make it seem more exciting than it probably was. There was nothing all that remarkable, or anything really worth going out of your way to see if you didn't watch it, but it was a perfectly fine way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.