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JRPGfan said:

A 140 people playing the game.... its dead.


I forgot when it launched..... it was feb. 2nd.
It hasn't even been a full 3 months yet.

I wonder how many millions they lost on this project.

*edit 2:
Someone on resetera wrote there might be more devs working on content patches for this game, than people playing it.
If your contractually bound to make said content, I guess you have too, but man must that suck.

Also this is just PC,.... theres probably another 100-200 people playing on console.
Its just, man, this must suck as a dev to have to do.

Im guessing the future content for this game, isn't going to be amasing, with tones of effort put in.
Im honestly hopeing its just a small skeletion crew, and the rest of the guys there are already put to work on something new.
Time to make another single player story driven game, instead of a online multiplayer GAAS game.
(if they do another GAAS and it flops, thats the stuff that kills studios)

This is what endgame looks like:

You cant see sh*t, its all just explosions and odd colour bursts..... all you can make out is the dark health bars, that are overlayed ontop of whatever effects are in the background.

It really doesn't help that Rocksteady isn't even the same studio anymore. After this abomination arrived on the scene, people did some digging, finding out about SBI's involvement, the execs making bad calls, and people having left the project over the years. Currently there is barely anyone left at Rocksteady that made the Arkham games, because the majority were either pushed out by the new group & SBI, and others just didn't like where it was going and left for greener pastures.

At the end of the day, Rocksteady is yet another studio, much like Volition, where it is brand name only, no soul left inside the body of the original. To me this means Rocksteady is absolutely dead as a studio, because it has next to no one left that made the games I loved years ago. This is just another example of execs greed running unchecked, and also letting SBI in through the front door. 

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