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Torpoleon said:

Been thinking that maybe Nintendo won't do a price drop and would instead just drop the Switch OLED and release Switch 2 at $400 (especially since I am thinking Switch 2 won't have an OLED screen). Then you'd have Switch Lite, Switch & Switch 2. Maybe they'll even drop the regular Switch if the successor is backwards compatible.

*By looking at the amount of OLED Switch being sold compared to V2 Switch in the last year, I they wouldn't drop the OLED.

They'll drop the Switch, sell OLED, Lite and successor in 2025 to 2026. Continuing with the successor for many more years.

If the successor is backwards compatible how likely should we expect them to say the successor is a part of the Switch family? Like how they had the Gameboy Color part of the Gameboy family (even though Gameboy Advance wasn't).

*I reread my reply and I realized it seemed negative. I rewrote it to have a more constructive and hopefully neutral outlook. Lo siento.

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