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jalidi said:

Currently at 141M with 11 months to go to the successor, assuming they ship it in March of 2025. Switch is selling about 750K a month worldwide right now.

There will be a bit of a boost over the final holiday season, and then a lag as people anticipate the release in 2025. So a minimum of 9M, probably 10M right on the dot. I'm predicting it'll finally have a price cut alongside the Switch 2 and sell for maybe 200 or so, about what the 3DS was. And that one sold 8M after the release of Switch to when it was discontinued. Assuming it does about the same, it's looking to finish at about 158M to 160M. So yes, if all of these hold true, it's going to pass PS2, just barely.

Its going to be close.
I hope it ends up at like 161m+, so theres no doubt, about who is first and who is secound.