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pikashoe said:
OneTime said:

Maybe, but Microsoft didn't need to pay $70bln (or whatever it was) to be a games publisher.  They could have just hired some devs.

At $70 a game, they need to sell a lot of games to make that money back...  And although people say: "they bought the IP" or "the back catalogue", punters have already bought those games, so MS still need to make new games to sell...

Well king alone makes over 2 billion a year in revenue. 

Long term thinking its a great buy.
Without a doubt, it will eventually pay it self back... its just you need to look like 20+ years into the future to see it.
Most people are too short sighted.  MS has enough money, that it can invest it like this, on a near sure bet, that will just take some time to earn it back.