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XtremeBG said:
Shtinamin_ said:

Ok. Is there anything wrong with having a 38.08M prediction for total Switch units sold in Japan in its lifetime? What’s yours?

The wrong is the exact to the point prediction. For milions, it's literally gambling to predict up to the thousands. That's why most of the people predict rounded numbers - 35, 34, 36, 38 if you want. To be exact accurate on thousands is pure gambling. This is the oddity. For bigger numbers like worldwide ones, especially above 100M for example, to me pointing at even round number such as 120-140-150-160M can be gambling too if you are not at the end of the road and real close to the end of a console. That's why I like to give ranges for example, for the bigger numbers when we are still far from them. But to point number up to the thousands is just another level. You can't pinpoint up to the decimals, thousands or hundreds like that cuz the chances are pretty much none existent that you will be right in the end.

And I am totally fine if I turn out wrong. That's just what I expect it to be.

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PS5: 130 million (was 124 million)

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