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Wman1996 said:

I finished the game over the weekend. I finished almost all the side quests along the way.
The only reason I'm a little disappointed in Rebirth is because Remake set the bar so high. I know that's unpopular (just look at the Metacritic score differences of about 5 points between the two games), but Remake was tough to put down and despite being a padded experience that didn't really get in the way.
Rebirth has too many minigames of varying quality, some weird story decisions (Imposter Tifa, the way the last chapter handles the battle), and some clunky navigation in several of the regions.
Rebirth is like a 9.2-9.3/10 while Remake is about a 9.5-9.6/10.
Part III needs to tone down minigames immensely as requirements for side quests and the main game, and the navigation of the game world needs to be less tedious and easier.

I agree FF7 Remake is a 9.5/10 game, but I don't think you can compare the two games. They are two different animals. The first game is a tighter game because it takes place over three acts in a localised geographical space. The second game is an adventure game in that you are constantly exploring and the world is much bigger. As a fan I can't criticise that because it generally follows the same progression as the original game where the world exploration opened up after Midgar. I don't think you can make a direct comparasion because they don't operate the same way in story progression.

I appreciate that there are a lot of minigames and things like that, but I did enjoy the most of them and if nothing else this is an RPG; they have to fill the game with this type of content. It was a criticism of Remake that the sidequests were not up to scratch, so they had to give us more this time, which they have.

The only issues I have with the game is how difficult the combat is to gain comptiency. Its not like Remake which was a lot simpler. Its complicated. I also didn't like how the last area of the game was not explorable.