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Xxain said:
Kyuu said:


So... I got to to the final Brutal VR challenge and made it to round 4/5. Hard Mode Gilgamesh is fucking brute... How am I supposed to beat this asshole when I can't even practice against his normal mode form without restarting the whole game? Dammit Square. And... why is he not round 5's boss? I wonder who or what succeeds him! (Probably Sephiroth).

It's crazy how much love and care went into this game. Hard mode is a lot more than some silly stat buffs (this goes for Remake as well). More crazy to me is they managed to develop a massive game in just 3 years. And to think Nomura and his team's projects used to get meme'd for long development times...


Nomura left the role of Co-Director to not slow the games development down. He's fully dedicated to Kingdom Hearts now. The speed of the project is due to him not being tied to it. He is just a Creative Director now (He make's sure that everything "Final Fantasy"). I actually expect Part 3 to be out faster than both part 1 & 2.

I'm aware the director is Hamaguchi but Nomura was still involved and somehow didn't curse the team this time around!

On a serious note, I hardly know anything about the guy's efficiency and what was going on with SE's slow projects in general, aside from him seemingly spreading himself thin working on multiple games simultaneously for a while.