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Jumpin said:

According to a video I caught this morning

Wrestling dirt-sheet Dave Meltzer has been lying about CM Punk, claiming that the crowds were chanting “fuck CM Punk” during the episode of AEW where the footage was aired. But the reality seems to be the opposite, and that the crowd was chanting (in favour) CM Punk through the night.

Funny thing as well, when I went to search for the clip, it seems Konnan, Cornette, and others at various points over the past year have multiple videos regarding Meltzer lying about CM Punk in the past.

Looks like it has backfired and destroyed his credibility in a very public way.

There were a couple of videos of the crowd which AEW has somehow managed to DMCA. As far as I could tell it was pretty quiet mostly, definitely a few people chanting CM Punk. It is theoretically possible that some people somewhere else were chanting "fuck CM Punk", but it definitely wasn't loud enough to hear throughout the arena. To be fair, he acknowledged the CM Punk chants during the next Bucks segment. 

I don't think it hurt Dave's credibility... because I don't think he has any credibility. He is obviously incredibly biased. I mean, Kenny Omega has more five star matches than Kurt Angle, Bryan Danielson, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerero, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, John Cena, AJ Styles, and Rey Mysterio. Combined. Not knocking Kenny Omega at the moment, but... come on. 

The best example of bias is Dave Meltzer trying to defend AEW after his cohost was complaining that his DVR kept missing the ending of Dynamite due to it cutting off at the scheduled stop time instead of the overrun. This is not an issue that occurs when WWE has an overrun. Whatever your opinion on AEW as a whole, this is objectively a bad thing that is pretty much impossible to defend. Yet, Meltzer tries. 

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But, w/e. We're entitled to our biases, and if people find it entertaining to listen to him, who is to tell them how to spend their time. But, people shouldn't be pointing to him as some kind of unbiased wrestling sage, cause that's obviously not the case. Just one opinion out of many.