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Muslim group in US condemns Washington’s backing for ‘Israeli crimes’

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has denounced the continuing US government acquiescence of Israel’s bloody war on Gaza. “These Israeli crimes against humanity are being committed daily – even hourly – with the active support of the Biden administration,” said CAIR communications director, Ibrahim Hooper, in a statement.

“Without concrete action to end the genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced starvation in Gaza, our nation’s reputation on the world stage will be irreparably harmed.” The group highlighted the “massacre of children” in the Maghazi refugee camp on Tuesday.

Too late for that, the US' reputation is already down the drain.

‘Constant bombardment’ in Nuseirat refugee camp

The Israeli military has intensified attacks across the Gaza Strip. The situation is dire in many areas, in particular, Nuseirat refugee camp. Attacks and confrontations are still raging in the vicinity of the recently established corridor [bordering the camp].

Residents tell us they have been hearing constant bombardment as residential houses come under attack and agricultural land is targeted.


UN appeals for $2.8bn for Gaza, occupied West Bank aid

The United Nations has asked for $2.8bn in funding to assist more than three million people in Gaza and the occupied West Bank until the end of the year to prevent looming famine in the war-torn territory.

A flash appeal published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the sum was needed to help 3.1 million people and “reduce human suffering and prevent further loss of life”.

A major chunk of funding – $782.1m – will be destined for food aid for 2.3 million people in Gaza and 400,000 people in the West Bank, the appeal said. More than six months of war have created critical food shortages among Gaza’s Palestinians that in some areas now exceed famine levels, according to the UN.


Netanyahu rejects ‘claims about famine’ in Gaza

Israel’s leader has denounced suggestions that areas in Gaza are facing famine after six months of war. Netanyahu “rejected the claims by international organisations about famine in Gaza”, his office said.

A United Nations-backed report last month said northern Gaza could be hit by famine any time between mid-March and May, and more than 70 percent of Gaza’s 2.3 million population face “catastrophic hunger”.

Last week, Samantha Power, the director of the US Agency for International Development, said famine was already occurring in northern Gaza.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees defines famine as a situation where a substantial proportion of the population of an area is unable to access adequate food, which results in widespread acute malnutrition and loss of life by starvation and disease.