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JRPGfan said:
Pemalite said:

Anyone who expects any gaming console to have all games at 60fps or more hasn't been paying attention to the last 30+ years of history.

In a fixed hardware environment, you need to sacrifice the low-hanging fruit in order to increase visual fidelity... And the first cuts are always frame-rates and resolution.

And that will never change.

I think this has more traction because of the way the generation started, and how xbox was marketed.

There was the "it eats monsters for breakfast" "its 30% faster than the PS5, games will look and run noticeably better than on playstation" ect ect.
Ontop of that, there was the "60fps only mantra" as a reason not to get a PS5.  You have xbox fans, and xbox influencers backing all that 4k60 stuff.
(even a few offical xbox people, were saying this stuff)

Then it turns out, 3years into the generation, that playstation 1st party for the most part, have various modes of play, usually a "performance mode" and a Graphics one, and thus most of their first party games actually have 60fps modes to play them in.

Meanwhile the reverse has been true for xbox.  Like 1 out of 10 or something had 60fps at launch.

It all just blows up... when it really shouldn't even be a issue.
Does it matter if Hellblade 2, is shorter than the first game is?
Does it matter if its 1080p and 30fps ?

Not really... its still going to be a fantastic looking game, esp the cgi parts (cutscenes), before the gameplay parts.
Its a visually good looking game.

The first game was 30fps too right? I mean on the xbox one's.
No one was complaining back then.

I thought it was rather silly that anyone thought those consoles would be 4K, let alone 4K60fps. I mean, GPU progress was in the gutter for years and pixel jump from HD to 4K is bigger than any console generation so far, so it was kinda funny to see anyone expecting those consoles to pull that off.

Devs are doing exactly the same thing they've been doing consistently for several generations - dumping frame rate and resolution for more visual bling - give them console with equivalent of 4x 4090 inside and they will do the same thing if they feel like visuals are more important than fps/resolution.