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Pemalite said:

Anyone who expects any gaming console to have all games at 60fps or more hasn't been paying attention to the last 30+ years of history.

In a fixed hardware environment, you need to sacrifice the low-hanging fruit in order to increase visual fidelity... And the first cuts are always frame-rates and resolution.

And that will never change.

I think this has more traction because of the way the generation started, and how xbox was marketed.

There was the "it eats monsters for breakfast" "its 30% faster than the PS5, games will look and run noticeably better than on playstation" ect ect.
Ontop of that, there was the "60fps only mantra" as a reason not to get a PS5.  You have xbox fans, and xbox influencers backing all that 4k60 stuff.
(even a few offical xbox people, were saying this stuff)

Then it turns out, 3years into the generation, that playstation 1st party for the most part, have various modes of play, usually a "performance mode" and a Graphics one, and thus most of their first party games actually have 60fps modes to play them in.

Meanwhile the reverse has been true for xbox.  Like 1 out of 10 or something had 60fps at launch.

It all just blows up... when it really shouldn't even be a issue.
Does it matter if Hellblade 2, is shorter than the first game is?
Does it matter if its 1080p and 30fps ?

Not really... its still going to be a fantastic looking game, esp the cgi parts (cutscenes), before the gameplay parts.
Its a visually good looking game.

The first game was 30fps too right? I mean on the xbox one's.
No one was complaining back then.