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Okay, it really took 7 hours, but as of 3:05pm I have completed the game.

* I was a little disappointed that the Ancient City was not really a thing. Then I remember that Temple of the Ancients was about 5 hours long and I am immediately fine with it.

* The Jenova fight really pissed me off. I set up Cloud, Barret and Tifa to be my final party only to have to have it be random? I got through the fight, but in a very un effective pace because only one person had Materia/armor on them in all the formations they gave me. What was up with all the immune to damage shit?

* I was pleasantly surprised by Bizarro/Rebirth Sephiroth. I do think the over cinematicness brought the fight down though.

* Anybody else tired of the obligatory Bahumut boss fights in recent Final Fantasies?

* Ending was typical Nomura crap. Cloud created a world where he saved Aerith from Sephiroth. Your party Aerith did died though. The Aerith that fights with you against Sephiroth is not your party Aerith or the alternate saved one, but the OG Aerith from FF7. This Aerith is also the same Aerith that appears to you in Chapter 14 of Remake If you affinity is higher with her. At this point, there are 3 different Aeriths I stand by the idea that FF7 Remake series is NOT a remake but a sequel and last chapter in the Complilation of Final Fantasy 7. From FF7 One the way to Smile, We know that both Aerith and Sephiroth continue to exist in the Life stream after their physical deaths fighting a silent battle. That makes its way to remake series. The white Whispers are definitely Aeriths. When Sephirth says "I must admit, I underestimated you"; He is not talking to Cloud but to Aerith. Cloud is out of his mind... kind of. Cloud has the ability to see the multiverse now. I do believe that Aerith is not a figment of his imagination, BUT his Aerith IS dead and he doesn't realize that yet, because he see's the multiverse. In Part 3 Aerith will be in it, but like the last cutscene, she is going to appear as if THEIR Aerith lived but only cloud can see that. Hope that made sense. If not, ill try that again.