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BasilZero said:

That footage being shown was pointless , if anything it will show that it got more ratings than some of the matches on that show simply because it was hyped.

Embarrassing as hell, they should have just moved on and not platform this.

They got a slight ratings boost out of it. But that means CM Punk is their biggest draw. At any rate, people saw what they wanted to see. Will they be back? I doubt it. Bandaid on an axe wound. 

Jumpin said:

Anyway. Looks like we have our answer.
CM Punk in AEW = problems - So many people blaming CM Punk for the problems in AEW; over-dramatic cringeworthy comments, like calling CM Punk "Cancer".

A few months later

AEW (without Punk) = Bigger Problems
CM Punk in WWE = The show becomes great (Punk not the whole reason, but a big part of it).

BasilZero said:

Speaking of Punk and Tony Khan....

This cursed image (by WrestlingInc lol) is just hilarious and ironic.

Funny picture :)

It's just sad that AEW went from being a superior product to WWE to imploding and within about 18 months has become a joke. CM Punk wasn't the problem, he just called it out. People blamed Punk for the situation - but it looks more like he was trying to fix it.

Jim Cornette called the problems out long ago. He was right.

At some point, someone will do a documentary on the self destruction of All Elite Wrestling.

I don't think it suddenly imploded. It was built on a shaky foundation. This was bound to happen sooner or later with or without Punk.

The fundamental problem is that AEW is made for the AEW audience. It's for the people who had an investment in guys like Okada or Osprey before they debuted, and were ready to view them as stars. To most people though, you have to be able to build these characters, and convince them to care beyond the fact that "well they're really good wrestlers". Some people are just happy for Tony to put two good wrestlers in the ring together. Most people need compelling stories and characters.

And the product has been falling pretty steadily. Punk gave it a jolt, but that wore off. The cringey stuff we're seeing now is because Tony Khan is getting desperate and defensive. What he's doing is clearly not working. So, he's going into panic mode to do anything to change the tide.

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