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Wman1996 said:

In my perspective, the more accurate food analogy is this.

I order a large meal with seven dishes of varying size and categories (not 7 entrees, that's insanity). 

3 of the core dishes are pretty much perfect, another one is pretty darn great. But a few of the smaller dishes of the meal range from just acceptable to really good.

I had expectations for the meal that I paid for, and I have every prerogative to complain about some of the small to moderate problems present. I had very high expectations for the meal to nail virtually everything, and it fell short in a few areas. Not massively mind you, but more than I expected. 

Eeh, I'd say it's more like going to a new fast food joint and complaining their two-pounder side of fries is rubbery at the bottom.

Like, I get it, but no need to constantly tell everyone that you think it's rubbery at the bottom while you keep eating two pounds of potatoes because you are a fast-food completionist.

Me, I can leave those fries on the table even if I technically paid for them. I've had my fill and have better things to fill my stomach with elsewhere.

Last edited by haxxiy - on 09 April 2024