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xMetroid said:

Well Switch might be doing close to 2018 numbers after all this year.

Not a chance haha. It's keeping close now, but it will drop as the year progresses - very well may be no big games coming this year. Also this holiday season is going to be minuscule for Switch compared to 2018, last year it literally couldn't even hit 100k on a single holiday week.

Even if it is ahead of 2018 before the holidays, which seems likely, it'll probably drop like 800k against 2018 those last 6 weeks of the year. If it can average 50k/week rest of year before the holidays, which might be very optimistic cuz I'm guessing it'll probably be in the 30k's by the summer, that puts it at 2.322m before holidays, then let's say 80k/week 6 week holiday sales, that'd put it at 2.80m for the year, nearly 700k shy of 2018.

2.5m I think is pretty reasonable. (40k rest of year plus 6 weeks of 80k holidays would get it to 2.482m)

2.8m or maaaybe 2.9m is probably the most it can get unless they do a price cut. And getting this high would likely take a surprise launch of a major first party game which I doubt is gonna happen.


In other news, Switch is now less than half a million from the Japan record!!