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Great event. Don't feel like rating every match but overall a very fun time. I'm not sure if the matches we saw were the most amazing in terms of workrate athleticism, etc, but the storytelling was top notch. And to me, that's the most important thing. It was not only a satisfying ending to some of the longest running stories in modern WWE, but also the type of ending that leaves you wanting more. That's difficult to pull off, but they did it. 

PAOerfulone said:

In a main event that was overbooked to high hell, cameos from Cena and Undertaker (the one and only time in my entire life I was disappointed to hear the gong. I was really happy to see Taker, but MAN, I was READY for the glass shatter! XD)...
My absolute favorite part of this match, and quite possibly my FAVORITE piece of storytelling in wrestling history, this is how fucking GOOD it was!!!
When Roman was in the middle of the ring, w/ the chair in his hand. Cody is on one side of the ring. Seth is on the other. Both are struggling to get up. Roman has to make a decision.
And it should have been the EASIEST decision to make!!!
All he had to do was hit Cody, cover him, and retain the title. He could have ended Cody's story and continued his historic reign RIGHT THERE...
But he saw Seth in that Shield gear, w/ his back turned to him, he saw the chair in his own hands...
And that one fateful night in 2014 came RUSHING back...
When Seth took the chair to Roman's back, broke up the Shield, and betrayed him.
Roman NEVER got over it. That memory, and the pain, trauma, and heartbreak associated w/ it... He never moved on from it, it was STILL there! And it all came back in that one moment. In that ONE single, solitary moment: Nothing else mattered. Not Cody. Not The Rock. Not The Bloodline. Not WrestleMania. Not the title. All that mattered to him in that moment, was that night in 2014...
And he couldn't help himself.
He saw his chance at revenge...
And it cost him EVERYTHING!

(breathes) That... That right there... Moments like that! SHIT LIKE THAT!!
THAT is why I LOVE professional wrestling so fucking much!!!
An absolute masterclass in story-telling! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

If Cody Rhodes was the Frodo of the story, Seth was Samwise. After being manipulative and selfish his whole career Seth made it look like he was being completely selfless to help Cody... and he was.

After giving it his all on Night One and failing, losing his title as a result, and taking about 10 Claymores, there wasn't much Seth could really do to stop the Bloodline. 

Seth Rollins came out (for a split second I thought it might be Moxley), and did the opposite of what he did when the Shield broke up. Back then he was so obsessed with personal gain that he attacked his brothers to advance up the card. This time around instead, he sacrificed his title and his body, and this time actually did his job and actually served as a Shield for Cody. 

The match played on over a decade of history between the parties involved and made did it in a way that made sense for every character involved. Even the losers came out as more interesting characters than when they came in. Just a superb example of how wrestling can tell stories in a unique way.