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Wman1996 said:

I technically started Chapter 13 but I'm waiting to do more story stuff until I do some more side content.
I don't care how unpopular this is, I'll probably end up liking Remake (Base and Intergrade) better than Rebirth. Yeah, Remake is as padded if not more so than Rebirth. However, the navigation in Gongaga, the desert of Corel, and Cosmo Canyon really needed more polish. The maps don't help the exploration in the slightest. Additionally, there are too many minigames in both the main quest and side quests, and the quality varies a lot.
Remake may have a good amount of padding and a lot of linearity, but I didn't want to put it down. A lot of my playtime for Rebirth screeched to a halt around Chapter 9.
If Rebirth gets an Intergrade version around or after the PS6 launch, the maps need to be improved greatly, and the piano minigame needs tuning as well for those of us are too impatient or unskilled to pull it off. I don't think Square Enix will make those improvements in normal updates to Rebirth, sadly.

Being at the end of the game now, Remake was a better experience for me. Rebirth, while being a great game, irritated me so much. If it's not a mini game, it's a lame ass gimmick. If it's neither of those it's a side quest that doesn't know when to end (I am so tired of doing side quest chains that end in a "WAIT! One moooore thing!!!". I'm also pretty damn tired of my party being decided for me; This happens too many times. There are just so many things that make me groan with this game.