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I've got THE book for you---80s retro/TV/video game/Japanese culture

Children of the Neon Bamboo-- Best, most culturally rich retro culture related book since Ready Player One (if not better). Vivid imagery and nostalgia of the turn from the 80s to 90s.

It's roughly in the genre of humorous American fiction, but the humor is slyer and more understated, not slapstick. A wink to the absurdity of our lives. The atmosphere of 1990 is almost surreal and dreamlike. Vaporwave lit, kinda, but the plot has a lot of emotional depth. Vivid. Immersive. Eclectic
It's from an Indie-press.

Children of the Neon Bamboo: B. Glynn Kimmey: 9798988054115: Movies & TV

Official copy from publisher

Wryly surreal— Funny and serious at the same time, a Gen-Xer stumbles through his retelling of the wild, summer adventure of 1990 when in the pursuit of the new Sega Genesis he and a friend entangle themselves in a cross-country fight over a long-lost ancient samurai sword, connecting memorable characters from across history with the aesthetics of the era. Refugees, ninjas, nerds, musicians, soldiers, Dungeon Masters, karate instructors, and beauticians come together for a curious blend of 80s Japanese influenced pop culture and Mid-American grunge. Mountain Dew Moby Dick, literary vaporwave, high-topped Hunter S. Thompson, Taco Bell Tom Sawyer.
Driven by history, nostalgia, atmosphere, interesting characters, eccentricity, sentimentality, and a love for the enduring human spirit, Children of the Neon Bamboo is a wild, meandering, chill, and exhilarating story that bobs and weaves across the human experience, always with a sense of humor, never taking itself or the world too seriously.