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Ok. All characters Level 70 and finished all the Piano stuff. Cosmo Canyon is definitely the hardest one. I recommend turning up the note speed for that one. Cleared it on my first try after. You get the final music sheet after which is the battle theme(not needed for the trophy) which I missed on the first try by like 80 points! Got it on 3rd try though.

Trophy Hunt:
Defeat Gilgamesh - Probably wont be done before break
Develop all Materia with Chadley - I'm assuming that Gilgamesh needs to be done for this to doable?
Johnny Hotel - Not doing any of this.
Colosseum - Can't be done until post game so not doing this.
Chocobo race - Meh ... Post Break
All Quest done - Maaaaybe
Hard Mode - No. Post Break
Simulator - Post Break
300% stagger and All abilities and limits: Depends on what needs to be but most likely post break.

My next weekend I think I will complete the game. I would gun for it tonight but apparently I'm looking at 6-8 hours between Chapters 13-14? That's a whole ass shift!