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I have just started Chapter 13.

Currently in the process of deciding what I want to do before I complete the game and take an extended break. I just noticed that the Sea is another region? Fuuuuuck man. What goes into completing it? Is it quick? I was going to go do Gilgamesh Island... until It decided not just to be a boss fight. Definitely will be left my very far off return.

Fumbled upon a nifty EXP grind strategy; There's a quest in Nibelhiem that has you escorting a Cat to town. One of the fights along the way is with a Queen Bee that spawns workers bees infinitely. Those workers bees give a ton of EXP per kill. Make sure not to kill the Queen Bee but if you are getting close to doing so, you can Restart the battle while keeping the EXP(not Ap or Gil though). Turn difficulty to Dynamic to keep the enemy levels matching yours and a great EXP spot created.

Level 46 - 55 in under a hour.